Theseeke ~ Rose Otto Hydration Mist



This precious facial mist is rich in floral aroma and rosy goodness emanating from pure rose flowers. Rose otto hydration mist is distilled using flowers from certified organic rosefields in Bulgaria. This beautiful liquid is 100% pure & is manufactured by double distillation of the oil bearing rose (rosa damascena p. Miller). It is produced exclusively for this highly fragrant rose water.

Why Rose Otto Hydration Mist? Perfect for a spritz on a hot day or used as part of your skincare routine as an alcohol free toner after cleansing. Rose is also known to be a powerful masterplant embodying many strengthening and feminine traits such as love and forgiveness, take any opportunity to close your eyes, mist your face, breathe deep & drift away for a few sweet rosy moments.

Theseeke subscribes to the ethos of the Real Beauty Manifesto by adhering to the values of purity, compassion, honesty, community, transparency and sustainability making it an ideal choice for the conscious consumer. Theseeke Rose Otto Hydration Mist is handcrafted in Sydney and is made in small batches from organic plant based ingredients to create simple and clean skincare.

How to use: As a toner, rose otto can be used directly on the skin to help retain moisture, smooth & revitalise the skin. After cleansing, mist the skin & allow to dry before applying a serum or face oil. Spritz when travelling or after a workout to cool, calm & hydrate.


INGREDIENTS: Rosa Damascena P. Miller*

* Certified organic.

* Theseeke Rose Otto Hydration Mist 50ml 


All Natural Product
Vegan Friendly
Cruelty Free
Handmade in Australia
Helps the skin retain moisture
Luxurious alcohol free toner

*Do not use if pregnant. Not suitable for individuals with nut allergies.