Subtle Bodies ~ Australian Sandalwood



Subtle Bodies Australian Sandalwood incense sticks are made with Sandalwood sourced from plantations in the semi-arid grassland region of Western Australia. The sticks are made of pure wood with no added perfume or fragrance. Each burning with a heavy, yet delicately scented smoke trail.

A commitment to sustainability regulations and a dedication to the development of the industry has resulted in an exceptionally high quality raw product.

Why Sandalwood? Sandalwood is a naturally fragrant wood that has been traditionally used by Eastern Cultures for religious and medicinal purposes for millennia. In Buddhist meditation practices and rituals, the sandalwood incense is lit to calm the mind and increase alertness. Considered a sacred offering, the sandalwood incense burns away and purifies the air in the room, it is seen as a metaphor for destroying the negativity within to reveal the supreme self.

In the modern times some consider this sensual, masculine fragrance to have aphrodisiacal, anxiety relieving and sleep inducing properties.


INGREDIENTS: Made from ground wood & natural binder.

* Subtle Bodies Australian Sandalwood 25 sticks (Burn time 35 minutes each)

All Natural Product
Sustainably sourced
No added perfumes or oils
 May promote a sense of calm
May purify the air in the room
May increase alertness
May help to induce sleep