Posie ~ UME: White Tea, Chrysanthemum, Plum



The Posie UME candle is inspired by the springtime 'ume' blossom in Kyoto. This floral, eastern blend is made by infusing young harvest white tea leaves with golden buds of chrysanthemum and sweet plum. These candles are designed and hand-poured in Byron Bay using 100% soy wax, natural fragrance and essential oils, with each blend created to communicate a place, feeling or moment in time.

UME candles are the perfect way to enhance your daily rituals with a beautiful blend of natural aromas. 

Why Posie? Many fragrant candles use commercially produced wax blends and synthetic fragrances that can be harmful to the environment. By keeping production local and using reusable amber glass jars, Posie is committed to operating in a way which is fair, cruelty-free and environmentally sound. 


INGREDIENTS: 100% natural soy wax, premium grade phthalate free fragrance oils, essential oils, natural fibre waxed cotton wick.

* Posie UME 250g (Burn time approx. 35-40 hours)


All Natural Product
Handmade in Byron Bay
 Natural fragrance & essential oils
Cruelty free