Cinnamon Projects ~ Circa Incense Burner



Cinnamon Projects Circa Incense Burner is a geometrically appealing, minimalist incense burner, handcrafted from solid brass. Intended for burning Japanese incense, the brass disc allows the incense to be burnt from both ends. 

 Circa is part of the masterfully crafted fragrance range Series 01 - Accords Incense, which is designed with the intention of invoking the varied moods and feelings that come with the changing hours of each day.

A project of transformation, this range was created by New York based creative agency, Cinnamon Projects. Chaptered by hour, each scent is designed to reveal the dynamic between time and subject matter, and to create a delicate release of scents composed to elevate experience and heighten daily ritual.

“With its seductive smoke and rituals, fabled history and potential to inspire and create collective atmosphere, incense proved to be an irresistible canvas to carry scents inspired by the abstract and ethereal.”

The circa incense burner comes packaged in a sleek paper foil stamped gift box, ideal for gifting to yourself or a loved one.

Cinnamon Projects was co founded by Andrew Cinnamon, and Tassie born, Charlie Stackhouse (we're proud to support Aussies abroad). The duo have extensive professional experience in luxury advertising and design, with backgrounds in architecture, graphic design, photography and sculpture.


* Cinnamon Projects Circa Incense Burner (incense not included)


Minimalist design
Geometrically appealing
Can burn from both ends
Ideal for burning Japanese incense