Cinnamon Projects ~ 4PM



Cinnamon Projects 4PM is an elegant offering of 25 structurally and materially pure, handcrafted Japanese incense sticks with combined notes of Iris, Juniper, Mandarin and Patchouli. These high quality incense sticks delicately release their scents, filling your space with a clarifying aroma. 

A project of transformation, 4PM is one of five scents in an elegant fragrance range created by New York based creative agency, Cinnamon Projects. Chaptered by hour, each scent is designed to reveal the dynamic between time and subject matter, and to create a delicate release of scents composed to elevate experience and heighten daily ritual.

“With its seductive smoke and rituals, fabled history and potential to inspire and create collective atmosphere, incense proved to be an irresistible canvas to carry scents inspired by the abstract and ethereal.”

Cinnamon Projects was co founded by Andrew Cinnamon, and Tassie born, Charlie Stackhouse ~ Proudly supporting Aussies abroad!

INGREDIENTS: Makko powder, essential oils, perfume oils.

* Cinnamon Projects 4PM (25 Sticks)
4.75 inch stick
25 minute burn time

Made in USA
Japanese Style Incense
Can be burnt from both ends