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On a fine and sunny afternoon in Vancouver Canada, in a pint sized rented studio apartment, a wife and her husband pondered their looming return back home to Melbourne. What fortune they had in their three years living in Canada; bearing witness to the country's history making shift into legalised cannabis, encountering the field of psychedelic medicines and those dedicated to furthering its cause, and themselves venturing into this emerging world both personally and professionally.

Their time in North America afforded them a unique insight in the expanding concepts of wellbeing, which they spent three years happily integrating into their own lives. From the shifting narrative around plant medicines like cannabis, to the uptake of ancient wellness practices and alternative therapies; Goodshift Co. was born from the desire to share these ideas back home. Over the next two years, piece by piece, Goodshift Co. revealed itself to our founders, Tiyana and Surjeet, as a space to promote conscious living and a new kind of wellbeing.

Our philosophy is built on the belief that conscious living is about balance not perfection, and our goal is to make wellbeing more achievable.

Australian Made, Globally Inspired 


Goodshift Co. founders, Tiyana & Surjeet

Goodshift Co. founders, Surjeet & Tiyana


Built on a belief in science and innovation as well as ancient traditions and alternative practices, our overarching philosophy is based on open-mindedness, exploration & simplicity.

Every being has a unique constitution, and we aim to tap into the curiosity of Australian consumers by exploring the many pathways to health and wellbeing.

We curate goods to support all the elements of wellness; we champion modern takes on old therapies, intuitive thinking, mindfulness, and conscious living. Whether it’s creating a sanctuary at home, perfecting your morning ritual, or pursuing plant medicines, we want to empower you to choose the right path for you.



Consciously Curated

We want to simplify the wellness experience for you, because sifting through thousands of products to find the right one is time-consuming, stressful and unnecessary. 

We are committed to purveying high quality, ethical and sustainable goods for the growing number of individuals exploring the shifting narrative around wellbeing and conscious living.

All products offered on Goodshift Co. must meet our high standard of quality, be innovative, ethically and sustainably produced, and (where applicable) be backed by science. Goodshift Co. is a platform for guilt-free shopping, where you can buy with confidence, every time.


Local Focus

We live in an era of opportunity and entrepreneurship and we've seen a growing number of brands sprouting up in Australia & New Zealand. We believe that supporting home-grown business builds better communities, creates jobs, strengthens our economy and is better for our environment.

We are committed to stocking 70% Australian owned products in a bid to support our local industry and encourage growth for small businesses. Plus we're always looking to collaborate with Aussie & Kiwi expat artists and entrepreneurs doing great things abroad. 

By partnering with brands who align with our values, we hope to build an empowered and informed community and connect good people to good brands for a better future.




From all of us at Goodshift Co. thank you, for making a conscious choice about your wellbeing and ours.