Hemp Black ~ 3D Printed Gaiter



Hemp Black Fusion Flex Gaiter is the result of combining two innovative textile technologies for maximum benefits. Featuring a copper infused antimicrobial exterior and an odour neutralising hemp infused interior. 

Copper is a natural antimicrobial and is used externally to maximise the chances of the metal coming in contact with pathogens. It is infused into the material fibres using a unique technology, which has been through rigorous scientific evaluation for proven efficacy.

The internal layer of the gaiter is made from HEMP BLACK™ element, which is a strategically engineered fibre that introduces full spectrum hemp flower extract into the garment. Separate studies have found hemp extract to be effective in killing 99% of bacteria that cause acne and also neutralise the odours caused from mouth bacteria, which can result in unwanted issues such as "mask breath" and breakouts.

The use of sophisticated 3D knitting technology makes this gaiter light, breathable and produces no waste during manufacturing. Hemp Black is a pioneer of hemp technology, and they are committed to sustainable practices by only using clean materials in their manufacturing, using transparent supply chains, serving the community, using innovation to reduce waste, water conservation, and neutralising their carbon footprint. 

This gaiter is reusable and machine washable. The antimicrobial and odour neutralising properties are most effective within 25 machine washes.



INGREDIENTS: 44% copper nylon, 20% HEMP BLACK™ / element nylon, 26% nylon, 10% spandex.

* Hemp Black Fusion Flex Gaiter

Also comes in Fusion Face Masks Medium & Large

Australia Owned
Designed and engineered in USA
Versatile face covering
Anti-microbial copper technology
Reusable and machine washable
Zero waste during production 

There are no returns on this product. Antimicrobial action refers only to household germs and is not intended to combat viruses. This is a general-purpose face covering and NOT A MEDICAL DEVICE.